Monday, August 13, 2007

I had a really nice day on Friday. We visited Nina’s house and enjoyed BBQ.
Nina’s house was very cute, so I liked it. At Nina’s house, we ate hamburgers, salad, potato chips, fruits, and so on. I was surprised at thick meats!! Everything was delicious.
Not only foods, but I also enjoyed games. We played card games, crapping games, and we saw Ji Won’s card magic. It was hard to know the tricks, but it was very excited!
Also, I was glad to meet many nice people and have a chance to talk with them.
Thank you for inviting us, Nina!!

That day, we went to Karaoke. I listened to songs other people were singing, and I sang some songs. Everyone was good at singing! Laura, Ji Won, Sophia were also very good at singing. They were amazing!!! I was happy to listen to their songs. I want to listen to their songs again. I had a wonderful night.

On Saturday, we went to Annapolis, and took a cruise. I liked the atmosphere of Annapolis. The scenery was really beautiful, and it was interesting. I enjoyed shopping, and taking a cruise. The wind felt so good. I felt time passed faster because I was interested.

It was difficult to express every exciting things I experienced… but I enjoyed all things very much!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Kana!
Visiting Nina's house for the cookout sounds really exciting, and must be a nice opportunity for you to see what the American house was like! ^^

Also, it seems that you had a lot of fun going to Karaoke! I wanted to hear Ji Won singing the songs, and it literally brings me back to the memories of the last year!

Dennis said...

Hello, Kana.

I enjoyed reading your blog posts for August 8th, August 10th, and August 13th.

I think you had a good time when you visited the Washington Post printing plant and the big supermarket. I enjoyed reading about Sophia's gift of kisses!

I also think you enjoyed your trip to WUSA Channel 9. In particular, I think you enjoyed meeting JC Hayward. I've never met her, but her photo shows a very nice smile indeed! I also think you had fun playing billiards, and I think you learned a lot when you visited the IDB. I'm sure you enjoyed hearing explanations in Japanese!

Enjoy the rest of your stay in the U.S.!

Dennis in Phoenix