Monday, August 20, 2007

Time goes really fast, and 3 days passed since I came back to Japan.
It was very sad to say goodbye and I miss everyone I met during my stay, but I'm glad that I can keep in touch through the blog, e-mail, and so on.
I enjoy looking at the photos, and these photos remainds me of my wonderful days for 2 weeks. Everything I experienced is my precious memories. I'm happy that I could spend my summer vacation in maryland, and I could meet many great people there. I never forget. I wanted to stay longer.If I have a chance to go, I'd like to visit again.

It continues hot'n humid days in Japan.... I'd like to drink bubble tea~!!!!!^^

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lake Artemesia

Yesterday, we went to the Lake Artemesia. It was sunny and too hot, but we walked a lot. Arriving at the lake, we enjoyed the scenery. Lake was very big and beautiful. We found the butterflies, flowers, and many kinds of plants.
We also played games, and jumping rope at the lake. It was interesting for me.
I think this activity was good exercise^^
On our way hotel, we bought bubble tea and drank it. I really like bubble tea! I was very glad to drink it. I was very thirsty, so I felt that taste was better than usual.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I had a really nice day on Friday. We visited Nina’s house and enjoyed BBQ.
Nina’s house was very cute, so I liked it. At Nina’s house, we ate hamburgers, salad, potato chips, fruits, and so on. I was surprised at thick meats!! Everything was delicious.
Not only foods, but I also enjoyed games. We played card games, crapping games, and we saw Ji Won’s card magic. It was hard to know the tricks, but it was very excited!
Also, I was glad to meet many nice people and have a chance to talk with them.
Thank you for inviting us, Nina!!

That day, we went to Karaoke. I listened to songs other people were singing, and I sang some songs. Everyone was good at singing! Laura, Ji Won, Sophia were also very good at singing. They were amazing!!! I was happy to listen to their songs. I want to listen to their songs again. I had a wonderful night.

On Saturday, we went to Annapolis, and took a cruise. I liked the atmosphere of Annapolis. The scenery was really beautiful, and it was interesting. I enjoyed shopping, and taking a cruise. The wind felt so good. I felt time passed faster because I was interested.

It was difficult to express every exciting things I experienced… but I enjoyed all things very much!

Friday, August 10, 2007

On Wednesday, we went to the WUSA Channel 9 and I had a great experience. I could see the live news there and I could meet the announcer. She spoke clearly and her smile was very nice, so I thought that she was a good announcer. In addition, She was kind enough to take pictures with us , so I was reaaly happy.
After getting back to the college, I played billiards. I didn't know much about how to play it, but Ji Won taught me kindly. He was good at teaching, so I could become better than before. He played billiards very well! He was cool!! I had fun!! I would like to try again.

Yesterday, we went to the Inter-African Development Bank. I could have good lunch there, and Ilearned many things. I could have a chance to meet Japanese people who work in that bank. They told us about the bank, and gave us some advices. I had a good time.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We went to the Washington Post yesterday. I've never seen how to make newspapers even in Japan. I was very surprised because I heard that they cost much money to make newspapers.
There were a lot of paper and many machines I've never seen before.

We also went to the supermarket and had dinner. I bought many snacks or candies as souvenirs.
After going to the supermarket, we ate chickens. they were very delicious!!
Before leaving, Sophia kissed us on the cheek!! It was nice and I was so glad!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What a Huge Shopping Mall !!

Yesterday, we went to the shopping mall in Pentagon. I like shopping, so I was happy to go to the shopping mall.
I was really surprised because there were many shops! I couldn't look around all shops because the mall was too big.
There were many kinds of shops like closes, accessories, body shops, candies, and so on. I felt that shops were different from Japan.For example, there were more clothesthan Japan. Size was also different, bigger than Japan’s clothes. And also, there were a lot of interesting things that I couldn't find in Japan.
I enjoyed looking many clothes, but I didn’t buy any clothes. I bought only the souvenir for my friends. I hope that friends like them.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Interesting Weekends!!

This weekend, we enjoyed sightseeing in Washington. We went to many places like King street, George town, Capital, Monuments and so on. This is the first time to come to Washington in my life, so I was really looking forward to visiting.

Every place was very exciting and new for me. When we went to George town, we got on the boat. It was great because I could be relaxed by the wind. I want to get on that again.

I had really good time.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Hello !!

My name is Kana. Thank you for reading my blog.
Today is the 2nd day of my Maryland trip.
Maryland is hotter than I expected. I think I will get sunburned.
I hope that I can enjoy my trip more!!